Guiding Values

At Encino Energy, we put a lot of thought into what few words could encompass what’s important us. These words — Results, Transparency, Innovation, Ownership and Sustainability — represent the guiding values of Encino Energy, and they make us who we are. These words not only represent the foundational values of Encino Energy, but guide the everyday actions of our employees.


We do what we say we will do. We are focused on results and delivering real value for our shareholders. We are committed to developing a world-class organization and industry-leading operations in the Utica and beyond. We always prioritize safety and efficiency.


We communicate frequently and transparently in all aspects of the business. We harness data to make the best possible decisions, and we measure performance. We empower our people to speak up and stop work if the safety or the environment may be compromised. We’re honest with all stakeholders, we share information and work across organizational boundaries, and we empower our people to act.


We bring new ideas to the table for constant improvement. We embrace the diversity of thought and culture. We ask “why,” seeking root causes and new approaches. We challenge ourselves searching for the best solutions and we are not afraid to fail. We strive to continuously find new ways of working more safely, efficiently and profitably.


Our people think and act like owners of our business. We take responsibility for delivering value to our shareholders, teammates and partners. We take pride in our work, strive for excellence and celebrate our successes. We recognize that every job contributes to the outcome. We take ownership of the safety of ourselves and those around us. And we are responsible stewards of both capital and the environment.


We do the right things for the right reasons. We never lose sight of our long-term focus. We make smart decisions to keep our company financially healthy. We are relentless about the safety of our employees, contractors and communities. We strive to improve our environmental performance with tangible results utilizing innovation and best practices.