Partnerships Make Better Communities

The Encino Community Partnership Program is designed to develop partnerships between Encino and the communities in which we operate. This program directly improves our surrounding communities, with a focus on long-term sustainable projects. To learn more about the projects we have supported, click our News link.

Project Funding Request Information

Due to the influx of funding requests, Encino Energy asks that all prospective community partners submit an email request to  to be reviewed by our Review Board. All prospective partner projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a specific, defined project that will directly benefit our community.
  • Must be located within our current asset counties: Carroll, Columbiana, Harrison or Jefferson Counties, Ohio. (If you are not located in these counties but still wish to apply, please explain in detail why you believe you deserve funding toward your community.)
  • Must be a non-profit 501(c)(3) and provide proof of this status. (For-profit organizations and sports teams will not be considered.)
  • Must be a project that is already being partially funded by others.  (We will not fully fund a project, but we will partner with an existing funder.)

Email requests to

Once your form has been received, our Review Board will review the request and confirm that it meets all criteria. If approved, Encino will contact you and begin the appropriate steps toward funding.

Like you, we’re committed to doing our part to make our community a better place.


Team Encino Energy

“Encino is the first exploration and production company to become a corporate sponsor of the Eastern Ohio Development Alliance (EODA). EODA is a nonpartisan organization that promotes the economic development of our 16-county region. Working together as a team has reinforced us as an organization which ultimately benefits and strengthens the State of Ohio. Encino shares our vision and we appreciate their support.”
— Jim Schoch, Executive Director, EODA

“Encino Energy was the first to answer our call for action. More important than the check, has been the partnership and collaboration we’ve had with Encino. We look forward to continuing to work on ways we can partner together.”
— Rob Harrington, Fire Chief, Wintersville Volunteer Fire Department.

Sally Buffalo Park Playground

Carrolll County Sherrif’s Department

Wintersville Fire Department

Habitat for Humanity

COVID Mercy Medical

COVID Trinity Health Systems

Loudon Township Playground

Familt Recovery Center

Beaver Creek Wildlife